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My bank (Wells Fargo) is discontinuing its account aggregation service. I'm looking for recommendations for a replacement.

Mostly I want to find a company that I can trust as much as Wells Fargo - they must have an acceptable privacy policy and must be secure. Other than that, my only concern is that their web site plays nice with Macs.
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Best answer: Yodlee is the company that powers 99% of these types of websites- including Wells Fargo, BankOne, and even Yahoo.

They have the best aggregator, period, on their own website. And it is free. I have been using it for years.

Yodlee Oncenter (link is on the bottom of the page
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...also, here is a link to a VERY long fatwallet discussion about using yodlee OnCenter. Kind of an unofficial FAQ. Fatwallet discussion
It also looks as a result of that thread growing so long, yodlee launched user forums of their own.
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No, really, because Wells Fargo isn't taking us for enough of our dollars (*cough* 20% APR auto loan *cough*), that they need to CUT services.

I wasn't even using OneLook, and now I'm into Yodlee, but this alone makes me want to close up my remaining business with Wells Fargo. Of course they're secure—they want more of your money to stay intact for their own devious purposes.

Anyway, Yodlee appears to power a lot of the other major banking institution's aggregation services, so keep that in mind—not too many seem to be original, in that respect.
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Just to clarify a misstatement above, Wells Fargo OneLook is (was) not Yodlee. In fact, Yodlee's free service is superior in many respects. As a former OneLook user, I recommend it.

"I wasn't even using OneLook"

This, by the way, is why OneLook is going away. Almost nobody used it, and it was costing a lot of money to keep in production.
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