Cell Phone Options for a trip to South Korea.
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In October, I will be taking my first ever trip out of the United States, traveling to Incheon, South Korea. I have an unlocked Google/Motorola Nexus 6 activated on Verizon. What are my best options for keeping in touch with my family back home when I am over there? Can I just buy a SIM when I get there?

FWIW, under the "preferred network type" setting on this phone, the options are "Global," "LTE/CDMA" (the one I am currently using), and "LTE/GSM/UTMS."

Thanks, as always, for your help.
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I just read this post at Mr. Money Mustache about Google' Project Fi. Were I in your shoes with a Nexus 6 already in hand, I'd be trying to get an invite. It sounds almost too good to be true.

I'm a Republic Wireless convert and when I go to Korea, the wifi is almost omnipresent and my phone works just like it does at home. Cab rides and some other spots can be trouble, but if you're looking to keep in touch vs "must be available for business at all times" it's fine. Google Fi would elminate even those gaps.
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