Sample identification - a small good thing
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I'm trying to identify a sample from the first few minutes of this album. The sample occurs at 0:27, 0:47, 1:02, and so forth. It's the muted organ/electric piano chords; one chord played 4 times, followed by another played once. I know it sounds kinda generic, but I swear that this is a sample from a jazz or R&B song that I recorded off the radio in the mid-late 80s; in the original that second chord follows the same pattern as the first. This is driving me bonkers. Help!
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It sounds like a sample from an 80s hip hop track, but after spending the last hour listening to old school hip hop on youtube I am unfortunately unable to find the right track. I am only posting this in the hope that it jogs someone's memory, as it is now driving me bonkers too.
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I totally can't find anything quite it in the soundtrack but for some reason I feel like it's gotta be from Twin Peaks.

I'm probably just wrong though.
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It sounds like something off an early Roots album to me.
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Best answer: Grover Washington, Jr. - Mister Magic
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Response by poster: Oh my god that is totally it thank you Thank You THANK YOU Atlantis Interceptor for solving this! It also resolves the original source that I (and possibly Marienbad too) was thinking of: Heavy D's 'You Ain't Heard Nuttin Yet.'
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Wow, Ask strikes again!

The track I was thinking of is more minimalist than the Heavy-D track, but II could just be getting things confused in my mind, so thanks for the link.
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