Denver area Thanksgiving Dinner?
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My parents will be coming in to visit us in Denver for Thanksgiving this year. I'm looking for some recommendations for a spot to dine.

We've been living in the area for a little over a year, but being on a grad school budget prevents much fine dining. As such, we're not too familiar with the options for a nice dinner, especially for holiday dining. We'll be a party of 4, and looking for a nice restaurant that will have a traditional Thanksgiving meal (turkey, etc.). I hope I'm not asking too early; I have a tendency to forget about such things and leave planning til the last minute. I don't want us to get shut out of the best options because I procrastinated!
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Unless it's a well-known old reliable for holiday meals, I always opt for hotels, who tend to have this down in terms of staffing, cheffing, menus, and volume. The Altitude at the Hyatt is a Denver old reliable for Thanksgiving and they have a special fixed price Turkey Day meal. Also it is very much not too early; book tomorrow! You can always scout trendier venues if your family is foodies, safe in the knowledge you've secured a booking.
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The Fort
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