Looking for a custom tie vendor
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I am currently looking for custom tie vendor for a large order. The ties will have a logo on it. The vendors I keep finding have low quality fabric. Know any high-end custom tie vendors?
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Define large. 10? 100? 1000?
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Although I myself do not have the answer, I have a sneaking suspicion that the good folks at Put This On (including the mefite who is responsible for my being here, youngamerican) would know, since last I heard, one of the benefits of membership of the elite organization is a bi-monthly pocket square made from materials curated by youngamerican himself. I dare say he would be a good source of information.
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Paul Winston/Chipp Neckwear might be able to do this.
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We've used Lands End for embroidered workwear. They have neckties listed in their business outfitters section - not sure if they offer embroidery ON the ties, but you might take a look.
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