Online video annotation tool, perhaps?
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My beloved online video tool Popcorn Maker is being retired by Mozilla. Can anyone recommend a worthy replacement?

Along with many other media instructors, we've used Popcorn Maker to have students create (graphically interesting) "pop-up" annotations on top of video clips that can be found online (kinda like this). It's a fantastic way to get students commenting on and analyzing film and TV clips that's dead simple to use. It also allows students to pull content right off YouTube or Vimeo so they don't need much technical experience with downloading or uploading files.

After many hours Googling, I haven't been able to find a similar tool that a) allows precise placement of the annotation, a la a "pop-up" on the video b) allows import via a URL rather than a video file and c) is free (or free without major limitations).

I've found Zaption, Vidzior, WeVideo, VideoAnt, etc., which all do some of these things, but not that whole shebang.

Any suggestions for anything I've missed?
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YouTube's online editor allows annotations, although a bit more bare-bones than your samples.
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