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I would like to use my Old Wintec WBT-201 GPS Data logger to keep track where we are taking pictures. Given the limited storage space on the device I want to minimize the amount of data points that are collected. No need to record speed, direction etc. Its just when we are hiking to log every minute or so our location. I can charge the battery but cant' download the data for 12 day's. Using the "Time Machine" software to access the settings page but am confused about the settings. Any advice?
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There are some support resources from OpenStreetMap users of the WBT-201. There may even be a few users there who could help you, though you'll likely have to explain that you're not wanting to do OSM mapping, as most of them will recommend a far higher logging frequency than you want.

If you're out for 12 days, you've got at least 10,000 points per day before the memory rolls over. You could have it log a point every 10 seconds and still be okay.

Don't forget to sync the time in your camera! Take a picture of a known-good clock, and use that to correct the timestamps so that the tracks locations will line up.
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