analogy/metaphor between a person and a diesel engine?
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Looking for a lost quotation that ran along the lines of 's/he was like a diesel engine - reluctant to start, but having once suffered that indignity, unwilling to stop'.

I'm pretty sure it was fiction. I don't read a lot of fiction nowadays, and what I read I tend to re-read infinitely for distraction/comfort. This hasn't turned up again in several years, so that rules out most of Jane Austen! I have no idea how long ago I read it or what period the book was from. I have a vague notion that it was an analogy for someone falling in love, but not terribly confident about that at all.

Could have been an essay, though. Or a metafilter comment. Or porn? No clue. I had thought Wodehouse but searching with 'Wodehouse' and 'Psmith' isn't helping.
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Probably not what you're thinking of, but Jeff Foxworthy?
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Almost certainly not what you're thinking: although I've always heard the cyclist Jan Ullrich referred to as a diesel engine, I googled and found this.
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(Well, unless you're thinking of a steam engine, you won't find it in Austen - the Diesel was only patented in 1892.... So it's probably a 20th century reference.)
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I've found the following pointing towards Jeff Foxworthy. Who I must admit I'd never heard of before :/

A woman is like a diesel engine...
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Is it this poem, Love Fuels? Even if it's not, thanks for asking the questions because I'm glad I found it.
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Response by poster: Thanks, everyone. Not these, but interesting links!

(AsYouKnow Bob - eponysterical :)
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