Shopping near Golden Gate Av / Divisadero St (SF, CA)?
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Particularly veggies tomorrow (Sunday farmers market?). But also anything else noteworthy. We've found Trader Joe's, but are somewhat spoiled by local grown veg + fruit in Chile (freshness, variety and price (although tbh price isn't actually a problem, finance wise, it's just, my god how can one tomato cost a dollar...?))
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Best answer: There is indeed a Sunday farmer's market on Divisadero just a few blocks south of where you are. While the market's a better bet for fresh veggies at decent prices, I'd also suggest having a look around Bi-Rite -- it's a bit of a foodie institution in SF.

Also, Yelp is really quite exhaustive in SF so you can just plug in your address and search for "groceries" or "farmer's market" and you'll turn up lots of other options.
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Golden Produce has a decent selection (about a 10 minute bike ride from where you are). But if you have a car, you should visit Berkeley Bowl across the bridge sometime, just for fun. I'm pretty sure they have the best produce selection in the world, no exaggeration.
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The "Heart of the City" farmer's market is on Sundays at Civic Center, easy to reach by transit from most parts of SF.
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If you're not averse to bussing a bit (and from Divis, it's not hard), here are my top picks for veggie shopping in the city:
Clement Street farmer's market (Sundays)
Haight Street Market (an actual shop, not a farmer's market)
Rainbow Grocery
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Response by poster: thanks folks. never have i queued incorrectly so many times, but we now have peaches, plums, broccoli, bread, cheese, peppers, mushrooms, etc.
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Response by poster: (if anyone is still here and knows where we can buy chalk for writing on a blackboard....)
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For chalk almost any drug store (CVS, Walgreens) will have it in the office/school supply aisle, sometimes as 'sidewalk chalk'. Target carries it as well.
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Response by poster: well, it seems no-one stocks chalk any more (not walgreens, target, office depot, cvs). we finally got the last two boxes from blicks on market st (awesome place btw).
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