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What hip hop artists are making music about current US racial/political issues?

I just went to see Straight Outta Compton this weekend and couldn't help but notice the similarity between the police brutality incidents it depicted and events that made news even as the movie was being filmed. It made me really curious: who are the spiritual successors of N.W.A.? What song is today's "Fuck tha Police?" Are there artists that are the voice of #BlackLivesMatter, artists talking about the mass incarceration epidemic, the growing income gap?

I'm specifically looking for recommendations for
1. hip-hop artists,
2. from the US,
3. who identify as black,
4. commenting on current events from the past year or so,
5. that concern race in particular, especially recent incidents of police brutality. (e.g. the killings of Michael Brown and Eric Garner.)

I'd be equally interested in learning about mainstream artists or underground artists. Assume I have a very limited knowledge of current popular music so even if there's something really obvious that fits this request, I want to know about it.
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Killer Mike of Run The Jewels has been in TV and written about race relations and police brutality, specifically the Michael Brown killing in Missouri.
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I should probably clarify I mean I'm looking for music itself that comments on these issues. Does Run the Jewels' music make that type of commentary, or is it just his writing outside of their musical production?
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Janelle Monáe has "Hell You Talmbout". The track features chants of "Say his/her name" along with the names of recent victims of police brutality.
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Tef Poe is a St. Louis-based rapper. He wrote War Cry based on the events in Ferguson.
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Kendrick Lamar's most recent album is very much about Black Lives Matter
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Check out Jasiri X.
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Common, especially in Keys to the Kingdom, which came out a couple of months before Ferguson and is about systemic racism in Chicago. Third verse addresses police violence specifically.
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The Coup from Oakland. It's pretty much all they do.
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This falls afoul of your 'in the last year' requirement, but otherwise:

Lil Boosie

Dead Prez

Police brutality against POCs (even on camera) isn't a new phenomenon. See: Rodney King, etc.
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Kanye West
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I'll expand on the Kendrick Lamar recommendation. He released an album in March of this year called To Pimp a Butterfly which deals a lot with recent events. He also hails from Compton, and works closely with Dr. Dre so there's a lot of NWA heritage in his work.

The video for one single Alright deals with the issue, and the track was chanted by a group during a police brutality protest recently.

Another single off of the same album deals with the subject more directly in The Blacker the Berry.

Dr. Dre also released an album earlier this month and has a track on it called "Animals" that deals with media coverage of events like Ferguson. It doesn't have an official video yet but also might be worth checking out.

Vince Staples also had a track last year called Hands Up that deals with police brutality. I haven't had time to check out his new release this year (it's been a crazy good year for hip-hop) , but I'm guessing he probably has a couple of tracks that deal with current events there too.
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To answer the question above: yes, both Run the Jewels and Killer Mike's solo work deal with police brutality, the prison industrial complex, and the black condition in America.
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These 6 rappers are the defining voices of #BlackLivesMatter (includes tracks for each)
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for a specific Killer Mike track,. check out Don't Die. sounds like it time traveled right from an old Ice Cube session.
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Ab Soul, particularly in the song Terrorist Threats.
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Kanye West

Any Kanye West tracks in particular?
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Kanye's "New Slaves" talks about mass incarceration and the private prison system.
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He's underground, and disclaimer I do know him, but Son of Nun seems like he'd be right up your alley - has a lot of stuff on racism and how it impacts current stuff. Here's this one
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As an aside, the video for Run The Jewels song "Early" is pretty amazing.
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