Last minute getaway near Seattle -- wildfire edition
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Looking for a good 1-night getaway that involves some hiking. Car camping or staying in a cozy inn would be great. Willing to drive 2-2.5 hours from Seattle. We wanted to do something in the Cascades but I fear the fires. Maybe North peninsula? Looking for ideas.

This is for Sat-Sun 8/29-8/30. Challenge includes finding a room or campsite anywhere. Backcountry camping is out as my wife hurt her knee. Alternative would be a nice easy road bike riding trip, maybe 10-20 miles. Probably the one thing we won't consider is going to the islands as we already have plans to do so the following week.
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Go to the Skagit. Flat and gorgeous.
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Best answer: The Skagit Valley is a great idea. Edison is an interesting tiny town with outstanding food. Chuckanut Manor is primarily a restaurant but has some rooms; my in-laws used to stay there and were charmed. I know people who drive a long way to eat at at the Rhododendron Cafe.

The area is bike friendly, but please, please don't be tempted to bike on Chuckanut Drive on the weekend; so many bikers and drivers who don't seem to have a clue.

Alternately, there is of course *Bellingham*! An hour and 20 minutes from Seattle, hiking in all directions, shoreline, mountains. Bring your bikes to get around the small-but-charming downtown. Can't throw a cat without hitting an artisanal coffee shop or brew pub. There are always rooms available except during graduation weekend at the University.

Have a good weekend!

And p.s. For the next weekend: if you don't have reservations for the ferries yet, make them now. It really is absolutely necessary, and they sell out.
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Olympic coast! Stay in LaPush or Mora campground or Kalaloch. Walk the beaches.

Or drive up to Neah Bay (most North-Western point in the continental US) and visit Shi Shi Beach. Get a permit at the Makah general store, and camp on one of the most beautiful beaches on the coast. Easy access, short walk there.

Or mid-way between Neah Bay and La Push, visit Ozette Lake, and walk the 3 mile boardwalk trail (you can choose one of two, and do a triangle hike) to Sandpoint or Cape Alava. Your overnight would be at one of these two campgrounds, with an easy return the next day, and easy drive home.

Or heck, just drive up to Whitby Island, and take the ferry to Port Townsend. Lovely weekend destination, with lots of walking at Fort Worden or Dungeness Spit by Sequim.
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If you do the Skagit, be sure to check out the Conway Pub and Eatery. Trestle tables, teeny tiny bar, great food.
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Response by poster: Bellingham was just right. The insane windstorm was quite exciting to boot!
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