Online shopping sites that provide unique/quality items?
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Please keep in mind that I don't mean random novelty items like the ones in ThinkGeek or any shop in Etsy, but websites that provide quality stuff in any of the following categories: home/decor/kitchen, stationery, clothes, accessories, beauty/skincare.

With the following:

1- They take pride in how well-made their products are, and they're definitely not gimmicky.

2- They make limited quantities of it and it changes from season to season or year to year.

3- Their products aren't necessarily available in every generic website, or department stores, but it's okay if they are.

4- Not purely ornamental, but functional, too.

Better, but not necessary: also providing worldwide shipping.
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The best know German (online) shop is Manufactum. They offer (often hand-made) high-quality items in the household, clothing and jewelry section. They buy these items from manufacturers who take pride in their craftsmenship and who want to make items which last a lifetime. The manufacturers are mainly European but you might find some from around the world.

Their online store (with international shipping) is: They also run physical stores in a few cities such as Munich. I have been there and their products are truly outstanding.
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Of a Kind
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One trick for finding good stationery on Etsy is to search for hand printed items.
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Makers and Brothers curates Irish design. I think "curated store" would be a useful search term for you.
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Objects of Use: personal grooming, household, some tools. Eclectic but all the stuff I'm familiar with from other sources is top-notch. UK based. (on preview, this is your prototypical "curated store")

Japan Woodworker: top quality Japanese hand tools, kitchen knives, and gardening tools. US based.

The Best Things: kitchen knives, pens, woodworking tools. US based.

Fantes: kitchen equipment, including hard-to-find Italian imports. Broad selection. US based.
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Kiehl's for skincare and hair products.
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Terrain, although I have a sneaking suspicion that the products are more beautiful than well made. Fun to browse though.
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High-quality small batch skincare at Chagrin Valley Soap & Salve, everything I've gotten there has been top-notch.
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Quitokeeto has a very nice, limited range of kitchen wares.
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For bags: Tom Bihn and Vaya bags. Both handmade in the US. Bihn switches colors around pretty regularly.
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Best Made Co

Rare Device

Leif Shop
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Smoking Lily. They design and make their own clothing, accessories and housewares. Everything I've bought from them has been beautiful, functional, and well made from high quality materials.
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Analogue Life
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Uncommon Goods!
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