Quality fitted baseball-style caps besides New Era?
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Who are the manufacturers (if there are any) of good quality fitted baseball caps, besides New Era?

By "fitted" I mean real sizes, like 7 1/2, 7 3/4, etc. I have a big head, and the "flex fit" and "L/XL" type sizes never work right for me. I've tried a ton, believe me. Some fit on my head, but it's never quite right. New Era has lots of hats with real sizes, but I'm having a hard time finding one I like (hard to believe given the size of their selection, but it's true). I'm wondering if there are any other options. So far I haven't found any who have real sizes. I know New Era will do custom designs, and I may go down that path, but I'd like to cover my bases first.
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Best answer: 47 Brand has fitted caps in their Franchise and New Franchise models. The styling is very, very different than New Era's 5950 - the former makes mainly low-crown caps, while the latter makes high-crown caps.

47 Brand is also much more consistent than New Era - I've found that New Era caps can be two sizes smaller or larger than their tagged size, but all my 47 Brand caps fit identically.
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I have heard good things about Ebbets Field Flannels from the Internet and IRL friends.
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I have an Ebbets hat, and it's nicely made and not so retro in shape as to be out of place with street clothes— some of the Ideal Caps are more strikingly period.

You can also find some Ebbets at a J.Crew store, if you're unsure about the fit and want to try it on first.
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Response by poster: (If anyone is still reading here...)

Thanks for the answers!

47 Brand looks interesting. I really like that they have logo-less hats, which prevents me from having to pick from a set of teams I don't care about (I do watch some sports, but I'm not a big enough fan of most teams to wear their hats). One issue is that it seems like only a small handful of 47 Brand hats come in numerical sizes. Am I missing something? I might just bite the bullet and buy an XXL, but I've had bad luck with that kind of thing in the past. Besides having a large head, I'm picky about fit, so I usually need pretty granular sizes to get something that is just right.

The others also seem like good leads. I don't really like baseball, so the baseball-specific stuff probably isn't totally up my alley (I'd feel like a poseur to wear a historical baseball cap and know nothing about the history). But maybe if I can find something obscure enough and then just (truthfully) plead ignorance if someone asks...
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