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So, I'm looking for a thematic playlist, inspired by a few things I got back to back on a random listen: I'm looking for songs with a significant amount of vocals all of whose lyrics are not, and are not intended to be, in any comprehensible language, at least not in a way which makes any sort of sense.

Heavy scatting in a song with lyrics in a real language isn't what I'm looking for; I want lyrics incomprehensible from start to finish. Difficult-to-understand real words also don't fit the bill (e.g. no Louie Louie). No conlangs either --- I'm not looking for songs in Elvish or Klingon, both of which are comprehensible to someone and plausible translatable. The vocals can be reminiscent of a real language (e.g. Hugo Ball wrote "Gadji Beri BImba" with a faux-African intent; Erzsi Kiss's scatwork on "Secon" bears a passing phonological similarity to French)

Examples I have so far:
"I Zimbra" by the Talking Heads
A lot of Erik Sumo's songs, including "Csillag vagy fecske" (intriguingly, an instrumental cover of a song with real lyrics, but with completely different, nonsensical lyrics tipped in over the tag), "The Real Moustache", "Sirens of the Dead Sea", "Friday in France", "Secon", and "Erzsi Robs a Casino" have vocals provided only by Erzsi Kiss with a basically nonsensical scat style.
Yasushi Ishii (石井妥師)'s "Logos naki World (ロゴスなきワールド)" is nonsense syllables, arranged after a fashion into quasi-English words.
A fair bit of Yoko Kanno (菅野 よう子)'s Seatbelts work has gone in this direction, ranging from obviously filler vocalizations in "Elm" to the more complex nonsense in "Green Bird" and "Cats on Mars" and the nearly-parseable quasi-English in "Live in Baghdad" (which might actually fall on the too-close-to-a-real-language side).

But I'm sure there is much, much more than my limited exposure to a few specific artists out there.Can y'all recommend some more completely meaning-free lyrics?
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I think "Helen Fordsdale" by Mars fits this bill, but some people on the internet claim there are lyrics. I'm not hearing them...
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Remember the "Trololo" guy? Turns out it's a specific style called vokaliz.
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Can't go past Adriano Celetano's Prisencolinensinainciusol.
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I know some of Sigur Ros' songs are in a made up language, which ones in particular would take more research as they are Icelandic. The wiki also mentions Cocteau Twins sometimes singing in nonsense.
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All of Sigur Ros's album () is in a fake language resembling Icelandic.
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A substantial amount of Sigur Ros' early work, I believe including their entire albums Aegis Byrjun and () are in their made-up language Hopelandish.
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I just found this article all about songs in invented languages, it includes links to songs.
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Masoko Tanga by The Police (at least I can't hear any real words in it)
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You might want to take a look at the soundtracks to various Cirque du Soleil shows -- they do a lot of singing in languages that aren't really languages. Some of the songs contain incomprehensible mixes of words from real languages, but a lot of them are simply made up.
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Missy Elliott- Gossip Folks (just the chorus)
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The Melvins - "Hooch" might have the lyrical content you're seeking.
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Robyn Hitchcock, Unsettled. It's all English words and there are some recognizable phrases but I'll be damned if it means anything.
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Dilaudid: Gossip Folks's chorus is a sample from Frankie Smith's Double Dutch Bus which is nearly incomprehensible but it's slang, not nonsense.
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You might or might not be interested in Magma, who wrote songs in "Kobaïan," a private conlang that (at least originally) wasn't meant to be intelligible.
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Puirt a beul is a sort of traditional Scottish and Irish scat singing. Sometimes it has meaningful lyrics, but often they're nonsense syllables (though they tend to sound plausibly-Gaelic if you don't speak the language).
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All the albums by Adiemus have non-language lyrics.

"Each Adiemus album is a collection of song-length pieces featuring harmonised vocal melody against an orchestra background. There are no lyrics as such, instead the vocalists sing syllables and 'words' invented by Jenkins. However, rather than creating musical interest from patterns of phonemes (as in scat singing, or in numerous classical and crossover compositions), the language of Adiemus is carefully stylised so as not to distract the listener's attention from the pitch and timbre of the voice. " - from wikipedia
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"Bathtime in Clerkenwell" by The Real Tuesday Weld might fit.
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Maybe a vocalise? Although the linked article refers to them as vocal warm ups, some, most famously Rachmaninoff's Vocalise, are performed in concert. They tend to be sung entirely on "ah".
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Here's a vocalise.
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Most of White Ash's songs are all nonsense syllables that resemble English.
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Esperanza Spalding — I Adore You
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Caramba, "Hubba Hubba Zoot Zoot" (and apparently the rest of the album, as well).
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That's what a lot of Enya's songs sound like.
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Dead Can Dance sort of made up a language to sing in.
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Hannibal Buress's Gibberish Rap isn't entirely in gibberish, but there's a lot of it.
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Cocteau Twins
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Shape note singing isn't exactly gibberish/non-language as the words do correspond to notes on a scale (which are broadly recognized, like do re mi etc.) but I think the overall effect is in line with what you're after. Skip to about 1:30 for the singing.
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I should be a bit more specific--shape note/sacred harp songs do have verses in English, but there's almost always an initial run through the music with the solfege alone and no lyrics.
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Slim Gaillard...wrote and sang in a language he called "vout". His work may not meet all your criteria but I'm determined to mention Slim Gaillard whenever given the slightest opportunity. Everyone should know him.
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Only part of Mairzy Doats counts, but it's an old chestnut.
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Several Sun City Girls songs should work. I don't know enough to direct you to specific songs but they have hundreds of hours of recorded material and wading into it is a pleasure in itself. Check out "Space Prophet Dogon".
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Rushad Eggleston's Wild Band Of Snee?

Although Rushad would certainly argue there is semantics there.
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There's a live recording of M. Doughty's "Grey Ghost" whose bridge he sings in made up words. (it's from the Question Jar sessions. It's on Spotify.)

I can't understand the real bridge anyway ("Disgraced by some strange Bob Balaban?") so I prefer this version.
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Loituma - Ievan's Polka
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Lots of music by Roomful of Teeth fits this description, particularly the Pulitzer Prize-winning Partita. Here is their NPR Tiny Desk Concert.
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Ekova - Heaven's Dust - 100% made up language
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David Bowie, Warszawa.
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The lyrics of Ievan Polka aren't gibberish, they are in Finnish, with only a part of Loituma's version being gibberish.
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Would the Star Trek: The Original Series opening credits song fit your criteria?
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You mention Yoko Kanno's nonsense languages. Yuki Kajiura does something similar, using a deliberately meaningless language sometimes called Kajiurago. For example, Credens Justitiam (aka Mami's Theme from Madoka Magica). The title is Latin, but the lyrics are vaguely-Latin-sounding gibberish.
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Syd Barrett, Word Song
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Elton John's "Solar Prestige a Gammon"
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