Neighbor kid wants to wash my car
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As I was coming home from the grocery store this evening, a kid on my block came up to me and very politely asked if it would be okay for him to wash my car. (He was playing in the street with a bucket of water when I came up the street.) I said okay. How do I thank him?

He is about 9 and I have both bought lemonade from his stand and shooed him away from playing on my stairs in the past. I have never met mom and this boy seems to be in charge of his two younger siblings most of the time.

I want to give him something for doing a job for me (he did not ask for anything) - but not being a parent myself, I don't know if I should have his mom's permission before giving him money (or candy - whatever). Is that okay? I know when I used to do anything or be given something as a kid, my dad wanted to know about it . . .but this kid's situation seems completely different.

Parents of mefi . . . is it okay for a neighbor to give a kid $5 for washing a car . . . or is it better to give candy/treats instead of cash . . . or do I just thank him and find a way later to do something nice for him and his siblings.
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Maybe you could give him a (relatively parent-safe) book, perhaps with an enclosed note for his parents?
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Parents of mefi . . . is it okay for a neighbor to give a kid $5 for washing a car . . .

I would absolutely give him money...I think he forgot to tell you how much he charged due to not being terrifically experienced at this sort of thing, being nine and all.

I would tell him No thanks next time, because odds are he'll wash your car seven days a week. You don't specify any extenuating circumstances about economics so I'm assuming there aren't any.
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He wants cash. Pay him what the job was worth, not based on his age.
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Give him the fiver, or more if he actually did a good job of washing it.
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Could you ring their doorbell when his mom or dad and the kid together are both home, and say that you "forgot" payment for the car wash and give him $5 or $10? That way, you know the kid gets it and that his parents know what it's for.
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Definitely money! And this is a judgment call based on not a lot, but a 9 year old in charge of two younger siblings most of the time may not have the most reliable mom. So I'd give the cash right to the kid.
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Response by poster: Thanks, everyone!

Based on the initial responses here, I went out and said to him, "Oh, I forgot to ask how much you charge," while he was washing. He said he didn't know . . . and we settled on & shook on the $5 (because that is what I had on me).

When he was done, I "inspected" it and praised him for his work. As I was helping him gather up his supplies, he asked if I wanted to meet his mom. I said yes, I would love to. So we went to his house and I told her how polite he was and what a great job he did. I said I would like to pay him for his work and she said that would be fine.

So it worked out perfectly and I met a new neighbor in the process. Thanks for your quick responses . . . because I was feeling awkward . . . but the replies to just give him the money led to this happy outcome :)
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