What games can I play on the subway?
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Recommend some games I can download to my iPhone 6 that can be played on the subway with no cell phone connection.

Part of my daily commute is underground in the NYC subway system where I don't get a cell signal on my iPhone 6. I'm looking for games I can put on my phone to keep me entertained, and I'm bored with playing Crossy Road. Games like Words with Friends don't work without an internet connection, so they have to be playable on the phone and not dependent on a signal.

Bonus points for free or under $5.00 to download.

I don't like first-person shooter-type games, but most anything else I'll try.
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Threes, Blackbar, Slay, various crossword puzzle apps.
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Neko Atsume
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i finished a game of Catan on my morning (subway) commute just a little while ago - the app isnt a great way to learn how to play but if you already know the rules its really fun.
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On second thought, Neko Atsume is not a good subway game because in order to "play" you have to close the app and not sit there watching it. It's still a good game though.
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Plants vs. Zombies!
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Here are the iOS games that have been keeping me occupied and from what I can tell do not require an internet connection:
Pixel Dungeons (graphical roguelike)
You Must Build A Boat (very unique match-3 puzzler)
Game Dev Story (sim)
Knights of Pen and Paper 2 (RPG)
Card Crawl (cards)
Plague, Inc. (puzzle)
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Moonlight mahjong .
Whirly Word. I have the pay version tho

Threes is also good. These ae not real whiz-bang sort of games, more like play 20 minutes and then forget it until you play next time. But they don't require any connection to play. If you don't mind the shitty AI, 3D Euchre can be played solo without connection as well.
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Tiny Games! Hundreds of small games for you to play alone or with company, sorted by setting (e.g., home, transit, etc)
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Solebon Solitaire. 50 solitaire games with a nice interface
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Dodge Dot. I found it pretty addictive.
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Threes, Alcazar, Pixel Dungeon
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Super Hexagon was my subway game for an entire year before I finally beat the damn thing. I still play it anyway...

From the same game designer and with a little more variety in gameplay is VVVVVV. I find it too difficult but the soundtrack is one of my favorites.
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Response by poster: Thanx for the suggestions!
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I would also suggest downloading the TouchArcade app; they do a really good job of keeping track of iOS games.
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As mentioned above, Threes
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I like Temple Run.
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My favorite is Ticket to Ride.
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I like Alto's Adventure.
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Two Dots
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SpellTower is my go-to. It has several different modes, from the twitchy, stressful Tetris-type mode to a completely stress-free zen mode. The only limit to gameplay is your own vocabulary. It's $2 well spent for a game that's free of in-app-purchases and ads.
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I play Farm Heroes Saga. It's sort of like Candy Crush, but they are cute little vegetables and there are different game elements. You don't need internet to play it, it's free, and it's very addictive.
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I love "Triple Town". It is my go-to phone time killer.

Also, have you considered non-technological time killers like knitting? No connection needed there, and you get cool knitted stuff out of the deal!
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Match-style puzzlers


You Must Build a Boat (this one is realtime, so maybe worse for a subway)

Puzzle Craft is also pretty good (it's a fp2, but it's generous enough with freely doling out its in-game currency that it didn't really detract)

DungeonRaid is slightly roguelike but more match-3

Roguelikes & such

Dream Quest is a deck-building roguelike. It's pretty fun. Warning: Crummy MS Paint graphics

Out There is a space adventure roguelike-like

Pen-and-paper style puzzle games, general

Puzzazz is like an ebook reader for word puzzles. The app's free, but you do have to pay for books of puzzles, of which there's a reasonable variety.

Logic Games has a million different Nikoli-style constraint games, like Sudoku, KenKen, Slitherlink, battleships, etc.
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It's $10, but between Solebon Solitaire (mentioned above) and Crosswords Classic, I've more than gotten my play-value out of it. You only need an internet connection to download new puzzles.

I also go through crazy periods of playing Tichu, a sort of trick-taking team poker card game. I play with (and against) the built-in AIs.
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Ticket to Ride works offline and is a good time-killer. I think it might be a bit above your price point, though.
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Welder - word creating puzzle
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Don't download Threes, it will ruin your life because you will never be able to stop playing it.

(Just kidding, get it, it's really fun.)
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I like Flow too.
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Strategery -- it may take a bit to get settings that are super addictive for you personally, but i can play that one again and again.

Then, for more jewel/match 3 type free games (so you never run out!), Disney has a Frozen one and a Maleficent one -- you may need internet to get the "free daily gift", but you don't need it to play the games.
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We just discovered 2048 which is a sort of tile-matching math thing where the goal is eventually arrive at a sum of 2048. It's madness.
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