Restaurant recommendation in Edinburgh
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I'm looking for restaurant recommendations in Edinburgh. Specifics inside.

I'll be in Edinburgh in mid-August and need to book a table for lunch for 3 people. Central would be great - as we are all coming into the train station. I'm looking for a brasserie or tapas type place - it's a half business/half pleasure lunch and one person is a vegetarian. Mid-price range would be great too. Thanks!
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I really love the food at The Dogs. Last time we were there was with a vegetarian friend who told us their soup was amazing. It's on Hanover street in Newtown so fairly easy from the train station.
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If you are all OK with eating vegetarian, you could go to Henderson's or David Bann. All three (Henderson's have two locations, one doesn't have table service) are near Waverley station, which I assume is the station you're coming in to.

I really like the Middle Eastern tapas-ish food you can get at Pomegranate and Hanam's. They are run by the same people, and both about a 10-minute walk from Waverley - just in different directions. Honestly, as someone who was vegetarian and has eaten a lot of lunches in central Edinburgh at ~£10 / head, it's pretty difficult to go too far wrong here, I'm sure you'll get plenty of good answers.
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We were in Edinburgh in May and based on the recommendation in this AskMe, we visited Edinburgh Larder Bistro and weren't disappointed.

Not terribly far out of your way. A couple of tram stops or easily walkable.

Menu was vegetarian-friendly.

Also enjoyed another AskMe-recommended place, Mother India's Cafe for Indian tapas. Again, lots of veg options, but would recommend reservations since it's quite popular. It's a short walk up from Waverley.
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Oh, and if you and your friends enjoy a tipple, the wine list at Mother India Cafe was rather inexpensive.
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As if to prove my point, Mother India Cafe is another excellent option - it's delicious.
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Serrano Manchego on Leith Walk is not too far away from Waverley and not right in the mega busy festival traffic area. A Chilean owned tapas place which is pretty good.
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I recommend a browse of Lunchquest Edinburgh - they do really good, consistent reviews. Also they have an app which is location-aware.

When it comes to brasserie type places, I love Chez Jules on Hanover Street. It's really affordable and remarkably consistent given the volume they do. That said, it can be very loud in the evenings. Should be okay on a weekday lunchtime though.
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