Bean or foe?
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Is this a green bean or a weed?

I inherited a garden plot and these are coming up all over one side of it. They look like green beans to me, but I'm no master gardener and I'll feel real dumb if I trellis a weed. Here's one more picture.
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The ones with the broad leaves on long stems look very bean like to me. The ones with the narrower leaves in opposite pairs, close to the main stem, look like weeds to me. (If they're different plants. If they're the same plant at different stages of growth, I'll go with beans.)
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Response by poster: Sorry, yeah there's definitely some weeds as well but I'm taking about the one with heart shaped leaves. The second picture is better for clarity.
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I grow green beans, and the leaves look like bean leaves to me, but the way it's growing does not. My green beans usually don't split off to the sides straight from the ground. They grow on stems that are vertical. So I'd say it's more likely to be a weed than a green bean. I'd watch it a little more and see if beans come out or if it flowers.
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Could they be bush beans?
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The stems aren't the right color - they should be bright green.
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My bush beans have a more upright growth habit than those. If it's a bean, it will surely flower soon, and you can be more certain. Another option might be honeyvine. And here.
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Morning glory?
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I was thinking the stems were too dark to be beans as well. And my bush beans definitely have more upright growth rather than splayed out. My vote is for morning glory, too. It can be pretty invasive so if you want to plant anything else in that area, best pull it now.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone. Morning glory it is. I thought beans would be too good to be true!
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