Can you help me identify these plants?
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Plant ID-Filter: I'm having trouble identifying these plants from Crystal Cove state park in Orange County, California. Any native plant specialists able to lend me a hand?
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Image #2 in your album is costal prickly pear cactus (Opuntia littoralis).
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I'm pretty sure image #6 is chaparral nightshade (Solanum xanti).

Oh, and just above that should have been "coastal", not "costal"...
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Jepson Manual 2e says photo #15 is scarlet pimpernel (Anagallis arvensis). The flower details in the other photos are too hard to see, but I'll keep working on them.
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#16 looks like a Ribes. I'm not sure which species.
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retypepassword: I didn't recognize that twig as a ribes because it didn't have the flowers, but you're right- it's Ribes speciosum, I have other pictures which show that more obviously now that I know. Thanks!
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#11 looks kind of like a wild radish (Raphanus raphanistrum). Hard to tell without the radishy radish flowers.
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It's hard to tell — is it possible that #8 is an immature specimen of Bush Poppy (Dendromecon rigida)?
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#3 looks kind of like Artemisia californica, or California Sagebrush.
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#17 looks like an Erodium botrys (notice the large pokey thing (its fruit)? All Erodiums have a pokey thing of some sort). Its common name is long-beaked stork's bill.
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#1 looks like a bush mallow of some sort (Malacothamnus sp.). I can't tell specifically what it is, but the closest-looking one I've found is Chaparral mallow (Malacathamnus fasciculatus).
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#8 is Oenothera ssp. Not sure which one.
#5 Is Rhus integrifolia.
#14 looks like an everlasting or rabbit tobacco- maybe Pseudognaphalium californicum.
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Oh, the fern might be Athyrium filix-femina, but it's hard to tell how divided the leaflets are from the photo.
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Based on my knowledge of CA desert species 4 looks like a milkweed and 10 is some sort of Encelia.
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It seems like you're getting all the answers you're looking for here, but for future reference iNaturalist is an awesome site for this kind of stuff. They have a specific "ID please" section that I've made a lot of use of for animals and plants and fungi. Very knowledgeable people over there.

(This is assuming you don't already know about the site, obviously.)
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