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Looking for a nice hotel in Chengdu, China, within walking distance to Southwestern University of Finance and Economics. We need a place where the staff speak English or Korean. On Tripadvisor it seems like all the international hotels are downtown, are there any hidden gems closer to the University?
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Best answer: I do not know hotel details, but I do know that the train line between downtown and the university was just completed, so it really is a very easy trip. The old bus ride used to be about 40 minutes; the train is just a fraction of that now.
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Best answer: I used the Shangri-La whenever I was there for work. Very nice, but I have no idea where it would be in proximity to the university.
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Best answer: I asked a friend who currently lives in Chengdu over Facebook. She said that she wasn't familiar with that part of town, but that she was able to find a mid-priced hotel on the campus using Google maps. I found the one she was talking about: RenHe Spring Hotel (link goes to partially-translated English site) -- it's rated 5 stars and is $113 USD/night.

According to one of my friend's FB friends the staff didn't speak English when he stayed there in 2011, but it's possible things may have changed in the meantime. If I find anything else out, I'll post it here.
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Best answer: The Univeristy has/had guest cottages. Any chance of hooking up in one of those? Mine was booked for me, so I'm not sure how to go about it, but I do know they have them.
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