creative IT solution for computer illiterate federal employee
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Is there a way to solicit responses to weekly queries in a way that would allow a tabulation of the responses without allowing anyone else to see another individual's answers? Difficulty level -- working for the federal government so have to do this within sharepoint and/or using excel spreadsheet.

I need to ask a series of 20 questions or so to about 20 people on a weekly basis. The answers will include both a number and, possibly, an extended response. Right now, because I am technically illiterate, I've been emailing a form that each person fills out and emails back and then taking that information and manually putting it into an excel spreadsheet so that I can manipulate the data. That takes way too long. I thought about doing something with sharepoint but no one can see the answers of another person so I can't just ask them to each individually input the information on a group accessible document. Nor can I just ask them to fill out the excel spreadsheet themselves for the same reason. I work for the federal government which has all kinds of crazy rules and outdated IT so I can't use google docs or dropbox. Any suggestions? It seems soooo easy but I can't find a good workable solution.
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Sharepoint surveys do this. Not fancy, but does the job. You can hide names in the settings.
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It looks like SurveyMonkey is now federally approved.
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