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Can you help? I'm looking for songs released from 2000 to now that use either steel drums or steel drums sounds on a synth or similar. I'm mostly looking for songs in pop genres where the steel drum is not a common sound or instrument, although I'm not going to turn down any recommendations. Any language is fine.
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Yes! Wanderlust by Delays. It's the first track on a totally great album.
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The XX's second album, Coexist, and a lot of the stuff Jamie XX has done on his own/with Gil Scott Heron.

Try Reunion by the xx and Far Nearer by Jamie XX.

Stupid phone, can't link.
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Pass this On, and other songs by The Knife from their album Deep Cuts.
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Bananas and Blow by Ween. Released 2000 I believe.
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The Knife's "Pass This On" (linked above) was my immediate first thought

Also, Heart it Races by Architecture in Helsinki.
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Oh, and the re-recording of Regina Spektor's "Don't Leave Me (Ne Me Quitte Pas)"
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808 State's Pacific State on steel pan drums interpreted by Michelle Huggins-Watts and Jeremy Deller, from 1.51 (BBC news magazine.) Couldn't find a better quality recording tho there may be one out there.
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well, much older, but...the overlooked steel drum accents in the outro of Jane Says.
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A weird little hidden track on the 2001 album Pneumonia by Whiskeytown called To Be Evil. Here.
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The album Lisbon by The Walkmen uses a specific guitar sound that sounds a lot like steel drums, pretty much throughout. Here's a representative track, Angela Surf City.
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Kamakumba ‎by Mop Mop from Isle Of Magic
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