Upbeat Synthpop
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I'm interested in finding more upbeat-sounding synthpop or alt/pop singles with electronic elements for my music library.

Good examples of what I've been liking include "Rocket" by Polysics, "Step Step Step" and "Exploding Impacting" by Belaire, "Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots" by The Flaming Lips, and "Microwave" by The Soft Lightes. I also like a few B52 songs, and generally the entire discographies of Beck and REM, in case you wanted an idea of what kind of music I like as a whole. This specific slice of music is a kind I've just realized I really enjoy, but I have not too much of it in my library.

This is all about the melody of the song. Darker lyrics are perfectly fine, and I actually kind of like the dichotomy, so that's a bonus. 80's songs are perfectly fine, as I am a college student and they will (shamefully) probably be new to me.

Thanks for your help, and feel free to ask me to clarify my points. I've never studied music, so I have trouble describing it as nicely as I would like.
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Check out Ganymede, especially Neon Rain.
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The entire Erasure and Petshop Boys back catalog.
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A Flock Of Seagulls
... plus I found a (synthpop type) song which sounds like from back in the 80's but was recorded last year: Neon Neon - I Told Her On Alderaan.
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Junior Boys and Passion Pit come to mind.
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A Different Drum is a record label with a fairly large catalog. Some stuff is kind of cheesy or over the top, but I rather enjoy other bands.
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ETBG! Specifically Walking Wounded and Temperamental!
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Alice in Videoland
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More Goldfrapp.
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Seconding The Postal Service.
Cut Copy?

And, in the spirit of being only a little helpful, Wikipedia's list of synthpop artists.
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Magnetic Fields...e.g. (that's a very cool fan vid btw... found footage(?) of cuba)
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Battles, perhaps?
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Yaz--Upstairs at Eric's.
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Upbeat synthpop? Junior Senior!
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A little off the beaten track, but Mathématiques Modernes were fun back in the day.
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If you subscribe to iTunes, check out groovera.com.

Upstairs at Eric's is also what you are looking for.

As for dichotomy, you may want to try Portishead.
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Stereolab x 1,000,000,000,000
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More artists not yet mentioned: Pete Shelley's post-Buzzcocks output is worth looking into. And OMD did more than just "If You Leave".
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2nding Junior Senior
Tom Tom Club
maybe later era Talking Heads
Dan Deacon
Big Digits (hip-hoppy and less poppy)
Bonde Do Role
The Go! Team
Four Tet
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Ok, some more:
Crystal Castles
Black Moth Super Rainbow
Super Furry Animals (only Guerilla really)
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Crystal Castles(!!!)
LCD Soundsystem

also, nthing Capsule, Cut Copy, Goldfrapp, the Go! Team, Royksopp, Stereolab, and most of the rest of what's already been said... god i love synthpop :) thanks for the new suggestions too!
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Most of these guys are a little less conventionally poppy than some of the groups mentioned above, but I'd consider them all to have strong pop elements as well as electronic (or pseudo-electronic) sounds:

Black Moth Super Rainbow
Boards of Canada
I Am Spoonbender
Holy Fuck
Out Hud
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Dan Deacon
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Pop synth music with darker lyrics basically describes of Montreal's Hissing Fauna Are You The Destroyer? If you want a sample, there's The Past Is A Grotesque Animal (yt) or maybe A Sentence Of Sorts In Kongsvinger (yt) for something more upbeat (and shorter).
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Good suggestions so far.

This music blog is absolutely amazing, and will over time yield a gold mine of what you're interested in, as well as a lot of other great stuff. Most selections have a "try" link that will allow you to download the full album using rapidshare or a similar service.
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Best answer: You might like Ladyhawke. Great upbeat synth.
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Whoops. Ladyhawke.
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You'd probably enjoy most of Oppenheimer's music.
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nthing Crystal Castles
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There are a few singles up on Myspace (and if you do some Google searching you can find some downloadable MP3s) for this summer's forthcoming album from Discovery, which is a collaboration between members of Vampire Weekend and Ra Ra Riot and seems to fit your description perfectly.
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try Shout Out Out Out Out. i didn't think i would like them but i saw them live, and now i'm addicted!
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nthing Capsule.

And: Supercar

shameless plug: supercar provide most of the soundtrack for the movie Ping Pong which is about the best sports/friends movie out there, in my opinion
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nthing Freezepop. They are an indie synthpop band with a mostly upbeat sound. Except for their latest album, Future Future Future Perfect.
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FM Belfast, upbeat synthpop straight out of Iceland.
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Orange Juice
Gary Newman
Heaven 17

Sound like the 80s:
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Styrofoam has always been a favorite.
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