Songs where he sings higher than she
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I'm looking for examples of pop songs based on male/female vocal harmony, where the man is singing at a higher pitch than the woman. It sounds so fascinating to me. Every once in a while I'll hear an example on the radio, but I'm completely at a loss to recall them. Can you think of any? Bonus for songs where the man isn't employing falsetto to achieve this.
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Don't Leave Me This Way, by the Communards springs to mind, although Jimmy Sommerville is known for his falsetto.
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I'm not sure, maybe he sings slightly higher than her, or maybe equal, but Goyte's Somebody That I Used to Know?
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Leather and Lace. The second chorus in particular.
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Next Time I Fall - Peter Cetera and Amy Grant
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Gram Parsons did this quite a bit. On the Grievous Angel album Emmylou Harris does a lot of the harmony while he sings the melody (they trade off some, but I think that's because when he's reaching higher notes it's not falsetto). Sorry I don't have a link handy; it's worth a listen.
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Pink and Nate Ruess: Just Give Me A Reason. When they harmonize, she's singing the higher notes, but his vocal colour is lighter than hers so it actually kind of sounds like he's singing higher.
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So, I'm pretty bad at distinguishing harmonies and voices, so I can't tell if this is Alison and Vince or Alison and Alison: "Only You" by Yazoo.
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The Pixies do this a lot and it sounds great. "This Monkey's Gone to Heaven"
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Brazilian superstar Ney Matogrosso has a natural countertenor. I did a little searching for some duets.

Eugénia Melo e Castro com Ney Matogrosso - A Luz do Meu Caminho
Ney Matogrosso e Marília Pera - Eu Dei
Eugénia Melo e Castro & Ney Matogrosso - Dança da Lua
Roberta Sá e Ney Matogrosso - Peito Vazio

Bonus fun fact for rock fans: Suposedly. a 1973 ad in Billboard for Matogrosso's glam rock band was the inspiration for KISS' makeup.
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Best answer: Girlyman does this sometimes. They're sadly broken up now, but you've got a good bit of back catalog to mine. Try Nothing Left, Reva Thereafter, and Fall Stories as a representative sample.
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This Mess We're In by PJ Harvey, with Thom Yorke (also known for his falsetto).
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The Heartache Warren Zevon, BVs Jennifer Warnes.
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My Eyes from Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, maybe?
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And in Falling Slowly by The Swell Season, Glen and Marketa do switch off during the chorus and he takes the high vocal harmony, if only for a single note.
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Try Airborne by Wussy, around 0.57.
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Eddie Kendricks manages to get higher than Diana Ross in I Second that Emotion. Mostly a duet with a little harmony section at the end.
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Sonny & Cher.
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Aimee Mann does this quite often, especially on her last two or three albums.
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Walkaway Joe, Trisha Yearwood - Walkaway Joe ft. Don Henley.
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Best answer: Seconding Aimee Mann. She has started a new band called The Both with Ted Leo. Ted is known for his falsetto and he typically takes the high part of the harmony.

You can hear it in their song Milwaukee for example.
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The Civil Wars kind of switch off during If I Didn't Know Better. You might also enjoy the cover from the show Nashville.
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Best answer: In the 1956 musical High Society Bing Crosby and Grace Kelly sing True Love together, and he sings higher than her in parts.
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This is a really lovely cover: Seu Jorge and Ana Carolina doing É isso aí, a Brazilian version of Damien Rice's "The Blower's Daughter". He's a tenor and she's a contralto, so they sing in the same range, and on a few notes, his harmonies go higher than hers. This song is gorgeous.
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Best answer: Low does this a lot, for example on Over the Ocean and California.
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The Dead Weather. Nearly 4 years of owning Sea of Cowards I'm still checking concert video's to find out which parts are Jack White's and which are Alison Mosshart's. Die by the drop is an example, as is Hustle and cuss.
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The Weakerthans - Benediction
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(also, it's not the whole song, just some of the end of the song)
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Best answer: Somethin' Stupid -
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Little Scream - in lots of her songs, but particularly The Heron and the Fox. Bonus points because it's the best song ever written.
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the great suggestions. I especially like the songs where the artists have significantly different pitch/color, almost equal vocal impact, and where they harmonize for most of the song, not just the chorus.

Somethin' Stupid by Frank and Nancy Sinatra is for me the best example of the effect I'm looking for, where the voices intertwine so wonderfully and my mind is blown by this macho man whose daughter provides such a strong harmonic anchor.

If you find any more examples, I'm all ears!
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