Help name my genealogy website?
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I'm putting together a genealogy website. Half of it is about my personal family history so my own relatives can look at it. The other half is about genealogy research itself, things of interest to other genealogists in general. I'd like a cool, fairly unique name for this website. Maybe a phrase? Any clever suggestions? Thanks!
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If it is for your family, aim basic, and have your family name in it, if you want a better chance of it showing up in Google results.
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What Elysum said.
I would hazard a guess that the majority of your traffic will come from folks with the same last name as you, looking for further information and specific details about your family tree that aren't covered at Grab a domain with that name included in it, and you're off to a great start.
Once you get them there with the information that they are looking for, then you can keep them there with your other general interest blog posts.
Good luck!
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One of the silly new gTLDs (like .ninja or .guru) that's coming soon is .family — you can't register and use a .family domain yet, but most registrars seem to be taking reservations or pre-preorders or something, against the day the land rush begins. So, consider nabbing when you can. Other than that, I think we'd need to know a bit more about your family history/name to make appropriately clever suggestions.
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Half joking :The Sadistic Enumerator
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