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Dear HiveMind, please help me think of a name for a new web project I'm building. It's essentially a "genealogy search engine in a box", based on a customized build of Apache Solr. It will allow moderately tech savvy genealogy geeks, whether individual genealogists or small genealogy organizations, an easy way to index and search datasets of names and any related data, with a nice front end UI for doing searches. Notable features include faceted search (by record year, record town(s), record source, etc.), soundalike surname searching, customizable given name synonyms (i.e. searching for "Becky" also finds Rebecca), and pop-up Google Maps linked to record locations. And the entire project will be open source. The project is already about 90% completed, but I need something snappy to call it before I can release it. Ideas welcome!
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Are you looking for a name that can also be a domain name? Because that's a pretty major limiting factor (obviously).
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Response by poster: It does not need to be an available domain name too. I may be hosting on github anyway. Besides, I can always buy a related domain name like "".
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Here are a few suggestions:

Twice Removed
Squirrel (because it, uh, searches one's family tree, y'see)

Good luck!
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FamilyForest (play on Family Tree)

These are available:
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Best answer: Potato, because the best parts are underground.
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Family Tools

(it's a straight-forward term but it can also be a pun on "family jewels")
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I'd stay away from anything "gene" related due to Geni. I really like Squirrel.

Loosely on the theme of interconnectedness and complexity: thicket, thornbush, banyan, secateurs, tyre swing, ficus.
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Drop the last vowel. Ancestr
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Square One
Human Mesources (heh)
Family Ties ! (maybe not, damn you Alex Keaton)
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Best answer: Gene Pool
Branch Out
Root Kit
Tree House
Every Leaf
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Response by poster: Thanks for the suggestions, everybody! I picked a name for the project that is very similar to one of the ones that mikepop suggested. The alpha version of the new search engine using my code was deployed online late last week, with 180,000+ genealogical records in it. Look for an announcement in MeFi Projects sometime in the next two months or so. :-)
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