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I could use some help and ideas for naming my personal genealogy website.

I'm ready to put my research online but I'm having trouble coming up with a name. Idealy I'd like the name to reflect that our ancestors are being remembered (not forgotten or lost to time), that the life they lead is appreciated by those who've followed. A bit on the serious, sentimental side, but not too flowery.

I thought of using "" - but it's difficult to type and it's taken anyway.

Failing that idea, something humorous would be good.

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posted by ArsncHeart at 3:12 PM on June 19, 2005 is available hurry hurry!

hmm...also you could use your last name in variations although...eventually the name changes doesn't it.
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Response by poster: lol, yeah it's not so easy, is it? I wouldn't want to offend any of the ancestors by using only one surname.

Maybe I should be looking at the usernames here, there's some pretty creative stuff, plays on words, etc.

And what about the idea that we're all connected somehow, all related to Adam & Eve or the first cave people, that we go round & round (there's the everlasting! -!!). What're those ideas called anyway? Anthropology, Geology, A River Runs Through It... I guess I'm open to all sorts of ideas & creativity.

( is pretty sucky, you can tell I need the help)
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"" is available.
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I would be wary of putting too much genealogy online, for the following reasons:

- Identity theft. What do companies ask for when starting accounts? Social Security Numbers, mother's maiden name, etc. Some genealogy databases are based on SSN, and there is a lot of mothers' maiden names in genealogy trees.

- Privacy of your relatives. Make sure any information you make public in a cohesive manner is okay with all the living people who are named. Some might be peeved if their name is posted on the net in such a context.

- Protection of your efforts (and also of others who may have helped you gather this information). If you used publicly available data to compile your family tree, other companies such as will grab it and charge money from others to view it. Do you want them making money off your hard work? What do other people who helped you put your tree together think?

I was planning on putting some of my genealogy online, but when I mentioned it to a distant relative who had given me information on one branch of my family, he indicated he did not want the information he gave me on a public website, for the reasons cited above. This particular relative has been head of a statewide genealogical club, so that carries a fair amount of weight with me.

Just remember, once you put it out there, anyone can do anything with it.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone for your input, I now have more thoughts to consider.

And thanks Doohickie for your thoughts as well. I'm aware of publication concerns. I certainly wouldn't put any information about living relatives on my site. And some researchers handle the issue by not publicizing anything less than 100 years old. Certain areas of my site will also be password protected.

I don't understand your concerns about SS#'s. The only ones available are for deceased persons, and these #'s aren't necessary in genealogy research.
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