Sve Filter - an amazing Sunday between Hovmantorp and Malmö?
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I have one day/night to plan, using public transport between Hovmantorp (where I'll be seeing in Midsommar with friends) and Malmö. Sunday 21st June, and the morning of the Monday. What do you think the best use of that 24h/230km would be? I love wilderness and wild space, amazing sights and strange experiences. Anything "different" or inherently Swedish. I have a relatively low budget and I'm limited to public transport.

I'm planning on spending some of the 22nd in Malmö (specifically eating the best grillad tonfisk in the known universe at my favourite place in Möllan!) and have visited Malmö several times before, so I'm hoping to see something a little different this time around. I'm noit adverse to travelling off my route, but obviously this will have an impact on the time available.

I feel like the powers of the metaverse are my only hope in finding something really worthwhile - if you have any good ideas, or even a suggested itinerary, I would shower you with sill and maypoles for the rest of your long summer days.
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Best answer: Karlskrona might be an option: it’s a quaint coastal town, from where you can get boat tours out to the nearby archipelago, and, while it’s not directly en route to Malmö, you can apparently get there by train (via Emmaboda) from Hovmantorp. There’s also an 'Öresundståg' train service which runs directly from Karlskrona to Malmö.
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