What was the name of that GT bike for petites?
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I'm trying to remember the model name of a bike manufactured by GT (at least, I'm 95% sure it was GT). Here's what I recall:

-- The main thing is that it was proportioned for smaller people (shorter legs and arms, I guess). They may have such bikes now, but I'm trying to remember the one I saw way back when.
-- When I saw it, it was probably between 1994 and 1999, though that's not to say it didn't exist before or after those years.
-- It was a mountain bike, not touring or racing. Was it for serious mountain biking? I have no idea, but I say it was an m.b. because it definitely had m.b. wheels. Shocks, too. Of course, it's possible that this petite line came in non-m.b. bikes, too; I'm just describing the one I happened to see.
-- I'm pretty sure it came in a sort of pale bronze colour. It may have also come in other colours, but the one I saw was pale bronze.
-- I believe it was a one-word name, possibly starting with a vowel (E?). Maybe ending in an A. I think the name made reference to its petite proportions.

I've looked at lists of models, like this one, but no luck.

Does anyone remember this bike, know what it's called, or have any other information about it? Yes, I've tried contacting GT. Thanks!
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Aaaand I just remembered it was Anatomica. Is there a name for this Metafilter Effect, where posting a question releases the mental block?

Would still be interested in any info about the bike, if you have it. Thanks.
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it's along the lines of Rubber Duck Debugging, where taking the time to explain a problem to someone else often helps your own brain figure out the answer :)
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'Anatomica' wasn't a specific bike, but a set of frame sizes and geometries for women and short-torsoed people. GT released multiple models in Anatomica versions.

Retrobike has some old GT catalogs, which may provide more information.
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Thanks -- is there a way to see the contents of those catalogues? I can only seem to get the covers.
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If you click on the covers from the page I linked, all the ones I checked offer the option to download .pdf's.
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Bad news: they're not all in English.
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