Does anyone know how I find more women that box or do mma?
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I'm working on writing and shooting a story of a female fighter for a film competition. Unfortunately, all the fighters I know, whether in mma or boxing, are all guys. Obviously, women also go to the gyms around me but not that many compete. And my friends weren't close to any female fighters. They offer some insight but I'd rather talk with a woman who has been in the ring or interested in competing amateur or otherwise, so at the very least I don't create a story that rings false. Any ideas about how to get in touch with women who do competitive boxing/mma?

More info, I'm Wendy and I make films in the Pasadena area. A recent film competition piqued my interest in shooting a story about a female fighter. Some of the interest coming from watching fights for the past couple of years and working on the boxing documentary "One More Round". Yet, I hadn't come across too many women training to fight.
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[One comment deleted; just to be clear, OP is looking for women she can try to contact to speak with about competitive boxing/mma, not recommendations about famous women fighters to read up on. Thanks!]
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Emily Kagan. Here's an article about her. It says she's with Greg Jackson's MMA right now, so you should be able to make inquiries there and perhaps locate some others to interview.
posted by Marie Mon Dieu at 5:10 AM on May 11, 2015 has an amateur and pro fighter search/social media feature and a forum. It looks like you have to create an account to contact the fighters, but that could be a start. also has a list of amateur and pro fighters with contact info (again, have to create an account). You could also try a post on Craigslist!

Beyond that, I think your best bet would be to contact all the local MMA/Boxing gyms and just get your name out there. Call them up and post flyers.
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I've done some work with Kelsey Jefferies, who's had some professional success in the ring. Kelsey is on Facebook, Kelc Jefferies, and she's always been friendly to all and sundry.
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I would just go to the gyms and talk to the women who train there. Some might blow you off, but others will go for coffee and talk. That's how it works in documentary--you do some shoe-leather research. Ask trainers for recommendations. Read forums for fans and boxers.
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In the same vein as ambient's suggestion, I would contact Angel "Overkill" Hill on Facebook. She's very active on there and a sweetheart who was recently on The Ultimate Fighter 20.
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You could research the key competitions (here's Wikipedia on women's MMA, for a starting point - the references should point to niche publications, as well) and go from there. Here's a women's MMA blog, for example.
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Try LA Jennings. She's got a recent book out on the subject and could probably point you in the right direction.
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I'd go to gyms and just approach women. You could also ask gym owners or trainers if they know women who fight.
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Oh wow guys, thanks for all the replies. I don't use MetaFilter much and I was worried I wouldn't get any answers for a while. But you guys are fast! I'll look into the names people suggested.
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My friend, Sylvia Scharper, just competed for the world bantamweight title.
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There's a gym here (New Haven, CT) that's gotten a lot of press,, run by Devonne Canady. From what I've read, she's big on the sport providing an alternative to street life and instilling self-discipline, and she's got a lot of love for boxing.
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