Where to hoe-down?
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Big outdoor party next summer (for 60 people). East (San Francisco) Bay, as in Berkeley, Oakland. (Cheap) venue ideas?

We're throwing a big anniversary bash next summer in the Berkeley area. We want grass and trees, but also a place that we can have an accoustic band and catered food for 60-80 people. I'm looking for suggestions on venues, catering crews and bluegrass bands. Personal accounts especially appreciated.
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My friends had a wedding party this fall that was just like you describe. It was held up in Tilden Park, at the Laurel picnic area. I'm not sure if they reserved the space or not, or if they had someone get there early. I'll see them later tonight, so's I can ask. I let you know what they say, if you'd like.

One of the best parties I've ever been to. There was live music, lots of privacy, kegs, great food, the whole shebang. At one point the Park Service showed up, but it was to empty the trash (!). Any way, good bet.
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Response by poster: Thanks, al_fresco! Please let me know what your friend says.
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Actually, I just talked to them on the phone. You can find the number for reservations here. For some reason, the space they reserved (the Laurel picnic area) isn't listed on the site, but you could ask about other spaces. My friends said it was around $200 for the day.

Good luck!
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Oh, and for bluegrass, call the Squirrelly String Band(Flash warning)(you'll like the name, too ;^) Actually, all of the bands on that page are great. And if they can't do it, theyll turn you on to someone who can, most likely.
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I second the Tilden Park idea. I've attended five or six bbqs there, all great.
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Third Tilden Park. I've been to several events there, including a wedding, and had great fun at each.
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YAY! Tilden Park is the best. You can ride the little trains afterwards!

The Brazilian Room at Tilden Park is also great but much more expensive.
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i was going to suggest dunsmuir house, but it looks like its hella expensive. theres also temescal park but of course its much much smaller and you're standing right on top of the hayward fault :)
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I got married in Tilden Park, in the Padre picnic area. Also reservable at the same number al_fresco gave.

There are plenty of reservable picnic areas, large and small; some have parking, some don't so much. Take an afternoon to drive around and see what's there.
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