Help Me Get My DIY On In The Bay
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I just moved back to the Bay Area and am trying to get my DIY on again. Please recommend resources and spaces for ceramics, knitting, and sewing lessons/classes/circles in the East Bay or SF.

At this point East Bay is slightly preferable but I'm happy to take BART or drive to get to the right places and/or people. Thank you!
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Tech Shop is a great place to get DIY stuff done (although popular equipment can be overbooked).
Sudo Room is another spot.
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Stone Mountain and Daughter fabric store on Shattuck in Berkeley hosts classes and has a bulletin board full of other resources.

I haven't been there, but Article Pract in north Oakland seems to havea lot of knitting classes.

The Pottery Studio in Berkeley near the freeway has a lot of ceramics classes.

The Crucible also does ceramics, and is tightly networked with a LARGE variety of artists, so might be fun to get into for the networking possibilities.
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I can only speak to knitting, but I think Article Pract in Oakland is pretty great. It looks like they have a bunch of classes, though I only ever went shopping and lingering there. They also seem to have a sort of open hands on help thing every Tuesday and Friday from 4-6. Enjoy!
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A Verb For Keeping Warm, right where Berkeley/Oakland/Emeryville all come together, has all sorts of classes for various fabric crafts.

Article Pract is awesome, but spendy. The knitters I know also like k2tog on Solano in Albany. And it's not in the East Bay, but ImagiKnit in the Castro has a *huge* selection of yarn.

For ceramics, I'd second the Crucible.
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I've taught at Article Pract, and am friendly with the people at A Verb For Keeping Warm -- the AVFWKers have been doing some great seeing stuff lately, too, with their Seam Allowance group (to encourage people to make their own clothes). I know if I was living in CA I would probably be hanging out at AVFKW much more often than is a good idea for my wallet!
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A couple of Skillshare Maker and Craft classes run in SF, though I've never been to any.
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There's Rock Paper Scissors in Oakland.
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This was over a decade ago, but my aunt used to take all sorts of classes at The Sewing Workshop in SF. We took one class together on furniture painting which was super fun.
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Cal has pretty cheap ceramics classes that include generous open hours on the wheels.
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