Mac-compatible headset for Skype
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Looking for a headset w/mic for Skype. Specific requirements inside.

I'm using Skype for (Internet) radio interviews, so I'm looking for a headset that's decent but relatively cheap. (I don't need it for gaming or any other higher-end purposes.) I'd like one that's more lightweight, rather than one with big, DJ-style cans. Would also prefer one that fits over the head rather than around the back of the head.

Must also be Mac compatible. I'm using a late 2010-generation MacBook Air, so I'm limited to just USB ports and a headphone jack.
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It looks like the MacBook Air does not have a mic jack, so you'll likely want a USB style headset if you want to make use of a boom arm.

Something like a Cyber Acoustics AC-840 might do the trick.
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I have used just headphones with my mac book pro. The in built mic catches sound remarkably well. Better than any desktop or laptop I have ever had.
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I use a logitech one that I bought in Wal Mart (yeah I know, but it was the only open store late that night). It's about $30 bucks works great, usb, with a mic that you can adjust the height of in front of your face. I DO use it for gaming as well, and it's good enough quality to do anything I need.
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