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EastBayFilter: Please suggest some fun but laid-back activities for a very pregnant woman's birthday this weekend in the SF East Bay or Marin.

My wife's 30th birthday is this weekend. She also reaches full-term in her pregnancy this weekend. (Yay!)

But I am struggling to think of fun, unique activities or places for us to visit in the SF East Bay or Marin that would be suitable for her. Normally we would visit a nice park and go for a hike, but that ain't happening. Places the like Berkeley Rose Garden are too steep with too many stairs - and we have been to most of the East Bay parks anyway.

Trying to think outside the box of things we normally do. She suggested a telescope viewing at Chabot, which could be a great idea. I've also thought about a picnic at a nice accessible (but quiet-ish) park.

Are there other smartypants-type activities, museums or hidden gems in Berkeley that I'm missing? Bonus for dog-friendly ideas.
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Best answer: Swimming in one of the local lakes? Swimming is great when you're pregnant.

The Chabot telescopes are fun and free too, so that sounds good, as does your picnic suggestion (Redwood park would be a quiet and easily accessible bet).

The Berkeley Marina has a very FLAT path that would be easy to walk and look at great Bay views. Dogs are allowed off leash around the back of Cesar Chavez park there. Or if you're interested, memail me and I'll tell you where there's the back seat of someone's car in a semi-private spot there where you can look at the views of SF and downtown Oakland.

One of my favorite Oakland activities is renting paddle boats at Lake Merritt. If she doesn't feel too off-balance, it would be fun and relaxing, and you could do most of the paddling for the two of you. Stop for a piece of Arizmendi pizza on Lakeshore after, or walk at the farmer's market there, or get lunch at Luka's?

Have fun and good luck with the birth!
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Best answer: What about the Morcom (Oakland) Rose Garden? It's much more flat than Berkeley. I was there a month ago and it was gorgeous.
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