I've got enough broomsticks, but I do need some bedknobs
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I'm going to repaint this old bed headboard and footboard for one of the bedrooms in my house. Problem: the bedknobs are missing from the headboard. Where can I find replacements that will look approximately like the knobs in the footboard? Or are there other creative things I could do with the empty sockets?
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If you're feeling crafty enough, how about installing reading lights?
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We had the same problem, we decided to cut off the knobs...
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What about some large pine cones? You could hot glue them on a cork or wooden plug, then stick the plug in the holes.
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Because I love obnoxious, kitschy stuff, I would find something fun, like a pair of plastic dinosaurs, in the appropriate size. Paint them to go with the headboard so it looks all classy and professional, pop a dowel in them, and boom, custom bedknobs that would make any 5 year old mad jealous.
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You'll be wanting to get yourself a couple of matching newel finials, I reckon.
Mr. Spindle has you covered - these are 4" finials but they make them larger. Here's another finial impresario, a vender of large wooden bits for sticking on the ends of posts and whatnot.
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I would put doll heads on screws and use those, because CREEPY THINGS LOOKING AT YOU WHILE YOU SLEEP.
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SO many creepy creative things are possible! Candles, plants, I like the doll head idea, small lamps, custom knobs in the shape of your head(s)?, tiny busts of famous composers or philosophers, flags, acrylic photo frames - swap out the photos from time to time.
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Go to Michaels, or whatever your local big hobby store is, and wander around to get ideas. Cost Plus or other import shops would work too. I could see birds perched there or some sort of interesting little sculptures or maybe even branches woven with Christmas/garden lights.
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Find some knobs you like and replace all four instead of trying to perfectly match the existing ones.
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Response by poster: The problem with replacing the knobs in the footboard is that I am not sure they'll come out. I've tried unscrewing them with just my (fairly strong) hands and they wouldn't budge. I should probably have a go at it using tools though.
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How about using pretty glass jars the right size to make fillable glass bedknobs?

Put the lids upside down on the bedposts, attach with screws, and paint to match, then screw on the jars upside down, so you have transparent glass bedknobs.

You can fill the jars with something nice- old gymnastics ribbons, small floofy white feathers, a painted plastic dinosaur in each one, glass beads, vintage marbles, small fake cacti and a bit of sand, or fill with sand and shells from a vacation (to help flip it over after you insert something spillable, just cover the open end of the jar with paper or tape that can stay in there hidden by the contents). Or paint the inside of the jars so it's like swirly coloured glass that's still shiny on the exterior.

Some ideas here:
Fillable lamps, painted glass, mason jar DIYs, mason jar DIY art installation.
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