How to redecorate a tiny apartment?
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What are your favourite blogs and sites (and publications) for home decorating ideas?

I am fed up with my apartment and want to make some changes. Painting, shelving and buying new furniture are fine (I definitely need a new sofa, for starters) but I can't make structural changes and don't want to invest too much in things that I can't take with me when I eventually move. So no designer tiles or sinks or pricey window treatments.

That said, I'm not averse to spending a bit of money on the project and I would prefer to do things properly, am too old for lots of plastic storage crap etc.

Bonus points for ideas that work with an apartment of 300 square feet. All ideas appreciated, thanks!
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I'm a fan of Design*Sponge, which might have some of what you are looking for. Or at least it has some pretty things to look at for inspiration.
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Check out apartment therapy, they even have a "Small is Cool" contest.
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Did you look here, here, and here first?

What specifically beyond those posts can we help you with on this thread? Are you looking for small apt ideas? f so, it would be helpful to understand the layout of your 300 sf.
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I just finished (almost) decorating my 380 sq ft apartment. I'll second everyone who recommends Apartment Therapy. There's a good mix of high end and affordable design, and they are certainly geared to smaller spaces more than any other design website. Do check out the Small Cool Spaces contest. I found lots of good ideas looking at other peoples apartments. The other thing that helped me a lot was Ikea. They have concept apartments starting as small as 200sq ft, and even if you don't intend to buy from them, you can get some good ideas about spacial arrangement and storage.
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Not small apartment specific, but I love Homebug. My favourite thing about it won't be especially useful for you - availability/shipping to Ireland is described in every post - but her taste is fantastic, with lots of patterns and great colour for inspiration, and the links are good too.
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