Pregnancy gift basket?
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I'd like to have a gift basket delivered to my pregnant cousin, but there doesn't seem to be much available online.

They're either spa baskets that are too small, or health food baskets. These two seem promising, but without good pics or reviews, I can't tell if they're nice. A mix of spa, baby book/journal, and maybe some treats would be nice, around $100. Has anyone ever sent/gotten something like this? Recommendations?
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I like the glowing mama one better, but that may be because I am not a spa/bubble bath person. If you have the time / energy to make your own package and mail it, you could combine the best of each. It doesn't matter that it won't be a cute looking basket ; it will be so appreciated. If you do make your own, I would recommend: body butter or other Stretch mark reducing product, leg gel, books for documenting the pregnancy and new baby stuff, definitely treats :). Belly band is a great product. Can add clothes or blanket or toy for new baby. Gift card for restaurant, etc. Nice of you!!
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How far along is she? That may affect suggestions a little bit.

My only thought is that if she's crunchy, she may like Earth Mama's pregnancy/baby products. They have a few gift sets at different price points. I know this probably isn't exactly what you are looking for, but I don't know of any nice gift baskets that have a cool variety of pregnancy goodies, which is extremely strange. This is definitely a hole in the market begging to be filled.

Looking at the baskets in your links, I agree with leslievictoria. I think you'd get way more mileage out of your money if you bought some things on amazon and made your own gift basket/cardboard box of random awesome things. The presentation of a gift basket is fun, but after the initial 'wow!' moment it's a letdown when the basket is full of blah stuff.

These are some random things that I would have liked in such a basket:
Oh, Baby, the Places You'll Go (to be read in utero) - $6
Sonogram frame - $10
Preggie pops (morning sickness relief) - $4
Stretch mark oil - $8
Foot massager - $6
Pregnancy journal - $15

That's only about $50, which leaves plenty of money to add some fun "normal people" treats that aren't necessarily preggo-related, like super cozy socks, fancy chocolates, or a gift card.
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Etsy has tons of these. You can search for 'pregnancy' and 'basket' and get quite a variety of them. We sent one similar to this to a good friend a few years ago, and she loved it.
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