Area Man Seeks Spotify Playlists for Transatlantic Flight
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I urgently need long, well-curated Spotify playlists that I can download for listening to on a long impending Transatlantic flight. Preferred genres: shoegaze/nugaze, neo-psych rock, and/or melodic IDM. Basically anything that matches up with (or preferably blows the socks off) this listening profile. Relatively contemporary preferred. Thanks!
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Best answer: This one should be long enough.

Every genre on the previously linked Every Noise At Once has a Spotify playlist that regularly updates. Some of these can be over a day long. (Some of my work helps generate these)
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Best answer: It's way more shoegaze than IDM, but there's a lot of material in hour-long compilations at music for programming();
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Best answer: I recommend Songs To Listen To On A Plane, Songs To Drive A Car To At Night and Spooky Hotel Songs by Adrian Hoenicke.
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Best answer: Here's a playlist where I keep track of heavy psych and other trippy listenings. Also, Tony Van Dorston, who blogs as Fast 'n' Bulbous, has a lot of playlists along these lines. His are quite long, but are a good place to start assembling shorter, cache-able lists.
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Best answer: What I could scrounge together of FACT's 100 Greatest IDM Tracks

I've done a personal Top 100 tracks list for the past few years, generally indie, electronic-indie, ethereal, shoegazey, etc.


(These were converted from Rdio playlists to Spotify playlists, so they may be missing tracks. They're still nice and long, though.)
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Response by poster: Thanks, everyone! Some killer playlists there, and I've downloaded and followed a bunch of them. I knew about Every Noise at Once, but was somehow too dense to have noticed the Spotify playlist component. This flight is going to be a lot more bearable now!
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