Thems are fighting words! (Takes him a while to boot up)
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In the early 1990s I saw a bizarre marketing video for OS/2. It was a cartoon of about 20 min. It featured anthropomorphic computers with screens for faces walking around a Wild West town. The DOS Brothers (which include DOS and WIN) overrun the town's sheriff, OS/2 V1.0. Then the new marshal, OS/2 V2.0 comes into town and cleans things up. Is there somewhere I could see a copy of this video or are there even any records that it existed?

One of the few other details I remember is the song played when the marshal was taking care of business. Its lyrics included:
OS/2 V2.0!
Runs all DOS apps and Windows!
32-bit development!
___ ___ 100 percent!
I don't remember what was in the blanks. And after almost 25 years I may have slightly misremembered some of the other details too.
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