Do you have good examples of compelling "Feature Tour" videos for web applications or software?
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Do you have good examples of compelling "Feature Tour" videos for web applications or native/software applications?

I'm looking for high-quality, interesting and effective videos that describe and demonstrate the features of a web application/service or native/software applications. Generally speaking these videos are 3 or four minutes long, might be video only, animated, using screenshots or screencast footage or some combination of all of these . Current examples that roughly illustrate what I'm looking for: Camtasia, or GoogleTV.
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Circus Ponie's Notebook. Their website has a product video tour which is nicely done. Effective feature communication. (It seems it was done in camtasia, actually, but not sure)
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Flipboard comes to mind; I paid for Things on the strength of reviews plus the screencast.
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The short films about Google Refine do a great job of describing why you'd be interested in such a thing.

The online ticketing tool Assembla offers a bunch of tutorials about how to use their product. For example, here is the instructional video for their Agile Planning tool.
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To judge by the voice, that Circus Ponies tour theKik linked to was done by this guy, who's made a career out of product-tour videos. And most are pretty good, if a little long-winded, and much less like Powerpoint talks than that Circus Ponies thing, which I found to be a striking example of how NOT to use video to show off software features; there's not even a single screen shot of the product, much less a demo of it in action. It's nothing but a list read out as it flashes by; sheesh! He's probably using ScreenFlow, not Camtasia, since he's a Mac guy, and has done a very positive review of it, altho for that video he doesn't use any of the show-me features ScreenFlow and Camtasia offer to help with product demos.

Screen-grabbing and video-grabbing software outfits like TeleStream usually have good examples, like theirs for ScreenFlow; check out Skitch, IShowU, Jing.

And amongst a zillion others, Apple's no slouch when it comes to show-me videos.
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