e-mail marketing software?
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Can anyone suggest a good software program for e-mail marketing?

I represent a small group of photographers and, while I'm not into sending or receiving spam, I do need to find a more efficient way of e-mailing intro. e-mails that invite potential clients to link to the artist's web sites.
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Mail Magic (no relation) for OSX
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I'd recommend using an online service such as MailChimp or Campaign Monitor. Yeah, you have to pay, but they give you great tools and messages are more likely to get through spam filters, so it's often well worth the cost.
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I second MailChimp.

The site that I and my SO work on just recently switched to it, and the whole experience has been a breeze.

It's cheap as hell too (their plans start at $15 for as many emails as you want, as long as your list is below 500 people).

I think you'll go bananas over it. (Ba-dum-Ching)
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If I get any I'm calling you at home, at 4 AM.
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A paid solution is your best bet. MailChimp over Campaign Monitor in my books (even though the MailChimp website looks a bit... well, not as nice).

Campaign Monitor does have some excellent resources and galleries that you might want to check out though.
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