Good outdoorsy destinations in the US (or near it) in April?
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Hi AxMe, I am going to have a week of vacation starting April 10th and would like to go someplace that is conducive to lots of awesome outdoorsiness. I'm in the US. Thoughts?

Unfortunately, it will still be rather chilly in many of the more scenic locales in the Continental US at that time. Willing to consider destinations in the Lower 48 as well as foreign destinations that are, say, less than a six-hour flight away.
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It's already in the low-80's in many parts of Arizona. Amazing hiking out here, and April is the perfect time do it.
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Utah! Seriously. Come to Utah.

Alternatively, I suggest camping at havasupai in the grand canyon.
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Central California coast is very pleasant in April. Redwoods, Pinnacles, Big Sur, beaches, and I imagine it will be warm and dry!
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Maybe Georgia? Kayak/canoe/camp in the Okeefenokee swamp, camp/backpack/bike/swim on Cumberland Island. Went last year around this time and it was fantastic. Mild days, not too buggy yet.
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Response by poster: Where should I consider going in Utah? I've done some of the southern parks in the past, though of course I could always do them again!
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Zion National Park!!
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2nd Georgia. You cannot beat Savannah in April!
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I live in Ogden, Northern Utah. If you want outdoors-y then you should come here. You want it, we got it. Rock climbing, hiking, biking, camping, fishing, kayaking.... heck, there's even a part of the Ogden River that's been engineered so that you can surf!
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