What kind of tree is this?
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What kind of tree is this?
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sycamore. (I'd have to see the leaves to be 100% sure, but I'm pretty sure it's a sycamore.)
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Looks like a sycamore or London plane tree (a sycamore hybrid). Based on the bark on the trunk, sycamore would be my guess, but they can be tough to tell apart. Plane trees tend to look like this all over, with bark exfoliation extending all the way to the ground. Where is it?
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Specifically, American sycamore, Platanus occidentalis. It tends to have thicker scaly bark at the base and then smoother whitish bark on the higher trunk and branches.
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Sycamores and planes tend to shed their bark every year because the bark is quite brittle and doesn't accommodate the growth of the tree. The only reliable way I know to tell the difference between P. occidentalis and its occidentalis x orientalis cousin is that the London Plane has its seedpods in pairs. Obviously, that's a seasonal thing. But yes, it's one of the two.
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