To-do / notes app with export, simple design?
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I like to journal using lists / task applications - right now I'm using GoogleTasks which with over 1k lines is getting clunky and hard to use, e.g. I'll copy from one list and paste to another the cursor'll jump up to the top of the list just before I hit paste - drives me bonkers!

I'm looking for a new application to use that:
- works with Mac OS 10.10 and Android Kitkat
- able to have multiple lists (like Evernote's Notebooks and Notes, or GTasks' task lists and individual tasks within those)
- no character limit for writing each list/note
- no limits on number of tasks within each list
- able to sort in custom order and by date written
- able to import and export (w/o paying preferably) to CSV or another easily transportable format. Right now Googletasks Takeout only exports to JSON (I considered Evernote, but only exports to HTML and their proprietary format).
- if possible, can email notes to an email address that will upload to a list

feel free to recommend programs you like even if you don't know if they meet *all* these requirements! Thanks!
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wunderlist - it doesn't meet all of your requirements but it is close and very easy to use

also, you can convert from JSON to csv with a converter
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If you're already in the Googleverse, why not switch to Google Keep. You can keep multiple lists as cards, also supports images, attachments, shared lists. Accessible on web and android.

Alternatively, Trello offers a more board like fashion for your cards.
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I have been very pleased with GNotes. I primarily use the Android app rather than the (PC) browser version. I can't speak to Mac OS, however, the Play store description linked above states: ** If you want a note app that can sync with the iOS & Mac OS, please try this one: **
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