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During the final battle in Big Trouble in Little China, one of the Storms is killed, and the lightning Storm enables the escape of another. When the lightning Storm flies away, Egg Shen says something in Chinese; a curse perhaps. What does Egg Shen say?
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I think you mean the moment at 1:24:20 here. Lo Pan, Thunder, and Miao Yin leave the wedding hall on the escalator through the big fangy neon skull, Lightning closes that exit, Wang kills Rain, Lightning leaves on a pole of lightning, and Egg Shen says something.
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Best answer: Heh. I don't speak the language at all, but a friend in college told me that this line translated as "I'll kick your head off."

Waiting eagerly to see if that's true.
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Best answer: "I'll kick your head off."

I do think I hear ni, possibly 你 (= you), and tau, possibly 頭 (= head), so that seems plausible. I have no ear for tones, though, so my guess is not worth much.
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Best answer: it's Cantonese, not Mandarin.



Translation: I'll cut your head off!

It's not kick. Kick in Cantonese is "tea-ek" and it would be non-sense in Cantonese. It's be "I'll kick your head so it explodes" (wo-yu-tea-ek-bao-lei-go-tau!)
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Seconding 99% of the Chinese in Big Trouble being Cantonese.
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