Where can I find a diary or journal like the one Anne Frank had?
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My daughter would like a diary or journal like Anne Frank had. It is red plaid, with a lock and she would preferably like the pages lined.

I have looked at Amazon, Etsy, Ebay, and did a general google search, plus Barnes and Noble. I can't find a red plaid journal............well, I did find one on Etsy but it had two buttons for the closure.

Is it really that hard to find something so classic?


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It might be easiest to find any old locking diary and then decoupage some red plaid printed paper onto it.
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The Anne Frank House gift shop sells a blank diary, although I'm not sure how faithfully it reproduces the original design.
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Here is a discussion of the features of the diary the Anne Frank House sells, including photos of what it looks like.
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Talk to this maker on Etsy. They appear to make custom locking journals in a variety of fabrics (see the shop's other listings as well), so maybe they can make this one in plaid.
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Wow. Not even close to a faithful reproduction. How annoying, especially since it would not be that difficult. I like showbiz liz's idea of decoupaging the cover. It would not be difficult to copy that plaid in Photoshop.
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If you decide to go the DIY route, Spoonflower has similar fabric or paper.
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