Looking for CBT Worksheet/pdf I can type into directly
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Hey Folks! I love Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and find thought records helpful in times of stress, but I type faster than I write. Is there a CBT Worksheet/pdf that you can type directly into? Or, how do I make one? Thanks!!
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Are you talking about the three column "Feeling Good" worksheet, or something else?
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Microsoft Word has the functionality to create fillable forms which you can Save As to make them into PDF every time you use them (maybe save them by date?) Or, you could just print them out.

So, you'd have to type up (a version of) the form you want to use. And copyright laws would probably prohibit you from sharing it with the broader world (though, you know, I'm not a lawyer and I'm definitely not your lawyer).

Here's the official Microsoft Office instructions, but you can also find dozens of tutorials with a quick google search.
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Response by poster: like this :)
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Response by poster: Or, if folks know of some "pretty" i.e fun and colorful CBT worksheets :)
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Adobe Pro. If you want, Memail me and I can convert it for you :)
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