Finding the perfect leather bag
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We're after the perfect leather bag for my Dad as a super spendy 60th birthday present. He really likes the Rawlings' leather duffel and the Colonel Littleton #1 Grip, but he wants one with a internal metal hinged opening (the kind on the doctor's bags of yore, something that holds the bag open when expanded). Does such a unicorn exist?

His problem is that bags tend to 'flop' after he's had them for a while, making digging things out a chore. He'd like something that when he opens the top like this, he can see down inside without rooting around in it.

And yes, we'd be happy to go with etsy, just want to be sure we're getting a high quality product that will last him for years to come.

And while we're on the topic - anyone with any feedback on the quality of construction of either of his two current favorite bags? He's looking for something that is very sturdy and will last through a lot of use.

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I am not sure where you've looked, and these might not be high end enough, but they do seem to stay open.
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I found some in a quick search for "wide mouth weekend bag." Most are lower in quality than what you showed, but this one is pretty high-end. I didn't look extensively; maybe those terms or "stays open" will work for you.
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"Sports Utility Bag" comes up with some good ones, too.
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You should consider the JW Hulme Gladstone. I believe it opens in the manner you are seeking and is very high quality.
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Billykirk might have the kind of thing you're looking for.
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"gladstone bag" is the term you need to search.
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"Leather carpet bag" is one of the ways this type of large, hinged duffle is described here.
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Search 'square mouth bag'.
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Perhaps something very well constructed like the Saddleback Leather Side Pocket Duffel?
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Plus one on the Saddlebag Leather bag. It doesn't have the metal closure, but it is made of full grain/full hide leather. This not only makes it incredibly tough (it will last forever and usage will only add to its patina) but it gives it enough structural integrity to stay open without flopping or sagging. When it comes down to it, leather soft enough to use with a metal closure is going so sag.
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