Downgrade iPhone 5 from 8.2 to 7.1.2
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I thought I'd be okay if I waiting until iOS 8.2 to upgrade my iPhone 5 but I feel like I've made a terrible mistake. I would like to go back to 7.1.2 but that appears to be impossible. Is it? Or am I stuck with a phone I'm no longer happy with?
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Best answer: You're stuck at 8. Is there a specific reason you don't like it? If it's performance-related you might consider doing a complete wipe and reinstall (after backing up, of course). I have a 5 running 8.1 and it's just fine.
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It's not possible, I'm pretty sure. Are there specific things you hate? There might be workarounds to at least make it more bearable.

FWIW, I personally feel like the peak for me was the iPhone 4S running iOS 6 - the current phones are too big, and the OS look too ugly. But I deal with them in order to get useful new functionality like ApplePay.
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You're basically stuck. Maybe you can sell your iPhone and buy one on Craigslist or eBay that runs iOS 7.
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You can't downgrade, but i feel you. I've noticed a lot of bugs on my partner and my moms 5's that are running 8.1.3 or 8.2. For what it's worth, each little update seems to have gotten better and ironed out more bugs on older hardware.

What's bugging you though? 8 isn't all that different from 7.
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Best answer: If it's performance-related you might consider doing a complete wipe and reinstall (after backing up, of course)

Anecdotal support for this idea: my old 4s performed terribly after I upgraded it to iOS8. Then I broke that phone, and bought another 4s secondhand. The replacement phone had already been upgraded to 8, but I wiped it clean and installed everything fresh. It performs so much better than my old 4s, a night-and-day difference.
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No you cant downgrade.
If your iPhone isn't working right with iOS 8.2 (Yes please update to the most current version!)
I strongly recommend to reset the iPhone to the factory settings and start it as a new iPhone. So do not reload the previous backup...

Just set it up as a new iPhone, manually choose the apps you want to load.
Enter all account settings with care.

Works great!
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Response by poster: Wipe and reinstall made a big difference. I'll have to remember that in the future.
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