Looking for good hiking/walking movies and documentaries
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I'm building up a small library of movies and documentaries related to hiking and walking and would love to get suggestions from everyone here! Would especially love to get suggestions of Slow TV-related films

Some that I already have are "The Way" on the Camino De Santiago, and a couple of British documentaries - Railway Walks and Norman Walks. The film adaptation of "A Walk In The Woods" by Bill Bryson, is also on my list
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Mile...Mile and a Half
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Wild should be out on digital soon. I cannot wait!
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Don't forget the Wainwright Walks, to finish off your BBC documentaries! Also, any interest in audio? The wonderful series Ramblings is delightful virtual walks with a variety of guests, including David Sedaris and a women's choir bursting into song, with Clare Balding who is the best.
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Journey on the Wild Coast is a documentary about a couple who hike/paddle/ski from Ketchikan to the Aleutians, over the course of a year.
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The Gods Must Be Crazy might fit in...

Harry and Tonto
The Red Balloon.
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The Way Back. Possibly not what you are looking for but definitely all about walking.
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the Way
Trail Angel

I'm not sure if you want it "walking to walk" or if incidental walking is ok.

Cold Mountain
Rabbit proof fence
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To get in the mood for Wild, you can watch one of Reese Witherspoon's first films, A Far Off Place.

Maybe a little off-key, but what about the Lord of the Rings movies? Certainly a lot of walking in those!
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In Examined Life filmmaker Astra Taylor walks around and talks with a series of philosophers, including Peter Singer, Cornel West, and Judith Butler. Think of it as Peripatetic Philosophy brought into the 21st century and caught on film. (In addition to walking she takes a cab and rows a boat, but the basic conceit is walking.)
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The Way. A curmudgeonly Martin Sheen comes to recover the body of his son who had set out to walk to Santiago and ends up walking the pilgrimage himself.
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If you liked Wild...this is the Appalachian Trail.

Jerimiah Johnson
127 Hours
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There's been a film and TV version of Ray Bradbury's story "The Long Rain," set on his fantasy Venus, a jungle-covered landscape where it never. stops. raining.

There've been a few documentaries and dramatizations of the ill-fated voyage of the HMS Endurance and her expedition to the south pole lead by Ernest Shackleton. It includes some great feats including, near the end of its story, a very rapid crossing of the treacherous South Georgia Island (32 miles) in 36 hours by 3 men. But this crossing was the final act of a series of unbelievably perilous events that were survived by all men involved, so it get short shrift by comparison.

Running the Sahara is a doco about 3 ultra-runners who wanted to try running across the Sahara desert for over 100 days, at lengths of about 2 marathons per day. I haven't seen it, but I was actually talking about "Tracks" earlier today and a friend told me about it.

Seconding "Walking the Camino." That was a good documentary that I probably would've skipped had I not also seen and enjoyed "The Way."

Technically "Pitch Black" is about a walk in the dark on a planet where the dark is a really bad place to be, with a dangerous man in the party to boot.

"Stand By Me."
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Old Joy
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Touching the Void

Intense, but amazingly well done.
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A BBC documentary, The Naked Rambler, made several years ago. And it really is about rambling, though naked. It's human and touching and odd.

I should think there have been more films made about Stephen Gough since, since he's lost large chunks of his life to jail for refusing to put clothes on.
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Here's some commentary.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the suggestions all! Am definitely putting "Walking the Camino" on my list, since i enjoyed "The Way" so much. Glad to know also that there are more of Julia Bradbury's walks - I loved following her on "Railway Walks"!
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You should definitely check out Benedict Allen's documentaries - He's by far my favorite modern explorer. I also love that he hikes 1000s of miles solo but with animals - filming himself. Get a copy of these two documentaries:

The Skeleton Coast (1997) (Namib desert with camels)
The Edge of Blue Heaven (1998) (Mongolian Steppes and Gobi Desert with horses)
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